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Start with these resources – Become an Android developer?

By | July 12, 2017

When I started to consider software engineering as a career, I was an Android developer no choice. But for those of you who are thinking about starting your career or a career change, Android development is definitely worth a look.

A promising career choice:

IT Finder Career called the best mobile computer job developer in the year 2020 by the exponential growth rate. As of March 2014 they estimated that Android has more than 50% of the global smartphone market. With an average annual salary of 98K in the US, Android developers in great demand, and the future looks promising.

Where to start:
The successful Android developers I know have a very good understanding of the basics. For those of you who can recommend formal lessons, I highly recommend many Java under your belt, and also much lower firmware and basic classes built as possible. Android development is an interesting combination of a high-level object-oriented language, with limited device / embedded footprint restrictions.

You have to walk before running, but it is never too early to dream an application that interests you. If you have a goal in mind, it can discourage you when you walk around life events for Android, clips and other difficult concepts to master.

There are so many great resources available to Android developers at all skill levels. Everything needed to master art can be downloaded, including tools. Below are some of my go-to resource personnel.

  • Google’s official Android developer site: The first place to start any Android developer. It is not always obvious, but it is the most complete that exists. If you decide to become an Android developer, think back to yourself again, and you learn to like it more.
  • Mark Murphy is the guide of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development: An excellent reference that is available directly or as an e-subscription. Mark has a gift for solving the most complex paradigms in manageable pieces.
  • Lars Vogel has made tutorials clear and concise since 2009. I find your website also one of the most organized sites and the quality of your source code is fine.
  • DevBytes: A growing collection of videos hosted on YouTube for Android. Presenters are employees of Google, so the content is generally informed. DevBytes the best place to watch tutorials on new features since the release function and the video tutorial release often match.
  • Stack Overflow: Developers are already many years in StackOverflow, and Android Devs are no exception. Stack overflow is not the place to look for tutorials, but it should be the first place to turn to a specific question or problem.

Check out my guide developing Android for newcomers and my Android tutorials on TechRepublic. Okay, so these links are a bit of a self, but for the most part I write tutorials on topics that there is no solution could be found elsewhere on the web. If you can not find the solution to your problem, send an email and ask. I am always looking for reader input on what types of tips and tutorials would be most useful.

Ready to build your first app?

There is nothing that shows how to do in my experience. When interviewing a candidate, I have the privilege of developing Android position against those who have demonstrated the initiative to build an application and enter the store. So once you have the basics I, advise you to get your fingers in the code and build an application.

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