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Software problems in progress with the iPhone 8 wireless charge and the 3D sensor that ‘panic’ Apple cause

By | July 13, 2017

If the iPhone’s future release date September 8 quick approaches, Apple’s designers and engineers say it is “feverish” work to solve software problems on the device, which can lead to production delays, reports Of Fast Company.

With a source of “knowledge of the situation,” the site says there is a “panic feeling is in the air, as if the problems are not resolved, the device can be sent without major functions.

A function that can be delayed is loaded wirelessly. Apple plans to apply inductive charging of the iPhone 8 but rumors say it is activated using a separate charger that is purchased separately. Apple, as previously shared by Apple blogger John Gruber, the inductive wireless charger can not send later in the year, in addition to an update of IOS 11.1.

While Gruber did not give any explanation, Fast Company said that software problems, components, are not the problem. If the software is not ready, wireless charging may not be available when the phone is first sent.

Apple is also said to be struggling with the 3D sensor being built that is expected in the camera looking forward. This is rumored to set up a scanning system that the Touch ID face can replace.
Without confirming that regarding the 3D sensor with forward vision, my source says that Apple is having trouble making a reliable sensor. Again, the sensor hardware is not the problem, but rather the associated software.

The source believes that Apple is likely to have 3D software in time. But if it is not, the company can still carry the sensor on the phone, and put it later with a software update.
As Touch Touch, the source ofs Fast Company believe that Apple can continue working to add it below the screen. Yesterday, a report from KeyBanc Capital Markets imagines Apple’s fingerprint sensor was under the glass of the device, and that the company had only a few weeks to fix the problem.

While this seems unlikely, since the new design of the machine was often completed prior to production, the company Fast Company called the report “credible” and says “probably the fingerprint sensor will be integrated below the screen.” The source also said iPhone features “can continue to flow well into the summer” for an iPhone release.

With multiple trusted sources (Bloomberg, and KGI analyst Values ​​Ming-Chi Kuo) Apple adopted a superior facial recognition system to replace Touch ID, it is not clear how accurate the information of Fast Company is, but given the Number of contradictory rumors we have heard during the development of the iPhone 8 is still difficult to predict exactly what we will see when the phone comes out in September.

We have heard before about problems with the screen, the 3D sensor and Touch ID, all of which have led to several rumors indicate serious problems. The iPhone 8, which is sold along with an “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone Plus 7s”, may not be until late 2017 or early 2018, available as a result of a subsequent ramp production, according to the latest rumor.

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