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Protectors of general iPhone problems and how to solve them

By | July 8, 2017

How to install the iPhone if it does not work? These are the most common problems I encounter and how to solve them all!


“It just works” is ideal. The reality is “it only works with the no – usually when you need it most.” Like any complex and sophisticated machine, the iPhone can cause some problems. In most cases, solving problems and solving them, however, is a simple matter. So, before you call Apple support or your local Genius bar, see, there are some things you can try to keep your devices and services back.
How to start, restart and restore the iPhone?


It’s a clich√© for a reason, but sometimes it only starts again to fix iPhone battery download problems ranging from poor to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth-failing applications. You can simply turn it on and on or, if necessary, you can start again with force.
Sometimes a reboot is not enough. If something has gone wrong and you are either told to install you should restore the iPhone in firmware update mode (DFU) recovery or for iOS again, you have that option too.


And if you do not want to fix everything, but only one or a few things you can do that too! It is a simple task to reset, delete the settings of the network connections from the phone, delete the content, restore the keyboard dictionary, reorder the home screen or dump location and data privacy.

Problems with energy are the worst. This means that you can not trust your iPhone when you need it. Or charge your iPhone, go too fast, even if it is charging, or just do not turn it off or refuses to back off, the good news is that sometimes it is easy to fix.

How do I troubleshoot Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connections?
Compounds that can not be connected … GRR. Bluetooth needs to transmit and establish a connection, Wi-Fi must block and transmit data, launch from the air depends on both. It may seem surprising that it is not always so, but we all must work, all the time. That’s the job. So, if the connection does not connect, try here.

What if it does not work?
In some cases, despite our best efforts, you will encounter problems that can not be repaired. You can call the company at 1-800-MY-APPLE, @apple_support you, visit online at or go to the Apple Retail Store: In those cases, you must escalate directly to Apple.

What problems do you need help with?
If you have a iphone problem with your iPhone and are not covered in this guide, or if you have found a solution that works best, leave  in the links below!


iPhone problems and how to solve them


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