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Protect Your Smart Phone From Damage – 6 Effective Tips

By | February 13, 2017

Nothing hurts more than seeing relics of his smartphone splattered across the floor after a fall. Despite its usefulness, smart phones are quite fragile – too fragile, in fact. They are susceptible to all kinds of damages that can lead to malfunction or even not work at all. Yes, the phone is constantly at risk of a fall, water and various forms of structural damage. Fortunately, there are some things that can significantly improve the security and life of your smartphone.

1. Protect your phone with a strong case. A cell phone case works like a shell to protect against the effects of falling on hard surfaces. The effectiveness of a case depends on the material of which it is composed of. For best protection against major impacts, strong or hard rubber cases are recommended. Premium cases are often at least two layers of protection: a hard layer of poly-carbonate and a protective rubber skin that wraps around the phone. The hard rubber makes a cushion by absorbing the strong impact forces generated by the collisions. The hard polycarbonate under the rubber skin keeps the case safe and stable. While premium cases cost more and are more bulky cases, silicone cases and styling, they offer better protection.

2. Use a screen saver. There are many different types of screen savers. Each type of screen protector offers specific advantages. Screen protectors are regular to avoid more affordable, privacy screen savers than the people around you so they do not see sensitive information on the screen and heavy or military grade screen protectors are made of thicker wires to provide Better protection. If you want the best protection for the phone, consider protecting the screen with a military-grade screen saver. Want to save extra money, consider getting a normal screen saver.

3. Do not touch the phone with wet hands. This may sound obvious, but it can actually be difficult to maintain these. For example, you could call someone important when you have just finished washing your hands. Anxious to answer the phone, he might be tempted to touch if his hands are wet. The best thing to do in this scenario is to clean your hands quickly and completely if possible. If at the end of the missing call, contact the person or send a message. Touch the phone while your hands can lead to moist water to get inside the internal hardware – it can cause serious damage.
4. Keep your phone as well. Interestingly, many of the smartphones have fallen from the hand of a person. This indicates that the way they are owned by a smartphone plays an important role in the protection. To avoid a fall, avoid keeping your phone negligently. Make sure you have a firm grip on the device. Your hands should be wrapped comfortably around the two corners. Most of the device should be inside the palms. It keeps appearing this way by accident.

5. Be aware of where the phone is placed. To place the phone down, take a moment to analyze the status of your environment. Try to anticipate any problems that could jeopardize the safety of your phone. For example, before closing the phone from a window, make sure it closes when the weather is bleak. The phone can get wet from the rain, if you do not take note of. Avoid placing the phone on objects that people use to sit. For example, someone accidentally sits on your phone if they are in a chair. This can cause minor structural damage if the phone has a case. To avoid these problems, promote the habit of evaluating and anticipating potential dangers before your phone drops.



  1. Pick up the phone gently. Using your hands and pockets is not the most effective way to carry your phone. Consider the use of belt clips and pouches. You can find these products in various e-commerce sites and local stores. Make sure the product you buy is designed for your device. When buying belt clips and bags online, buy specially designed for the device, but what happens if you do not have the means to obtain a belt clip or a bag? If that’s the case, you can use your bags.

    Although not the best way to safely transport your device, there are techniques for use without compromising the security of your phone at risk. Place the phone in a pocket which is free of other objects, in particular metal and sharp objects. Such things can damage your phone. When the phone is in your pocket, make sure the screen or the front is facing your thigh.

    This is really important because your thigh provides an extra cushion for the screen. If you do not, you’re putting your phone in serious danger. For example, while leaning against the pointed structure, such as the edge of a table, you can inadvertently damage the screen when the phone is facing the wrong way.


    Although smartphones are highly vulnerable to damage, you can still protect your device. Some people want their phone as it is and not like how cases and change covers the original atmosphere of the phone. If that is the case, you should strive to practice the concepts mentioned above (steps 3-6), Otherwise, the security of your phone in great danger.

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