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Cross-pollinating Chrome OS and Android

In a world where products radically change, usually for the better, their lives through software updates are more important than ever. They are the backbone of modern security, delivering important corrections so that hacker’s holes in a device over you, your actions and your personal data could then let know… Read More

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Apple will look great on biometric devices; the largest in iPhone

Not content with dominating the market for digital music, smartphones and tablets, Apple is about a future in which portable devices to control everything in our heart and caffeine intake to outline saturated fats, blood sugar and oxygen. In the largest launch event in Cupertino, California, is expected Apple will… Read More

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Apple patent reveals its latest concept of folding the iPhone

A new patent granted to Apple today, discovered by Patently Apple, shows that the company is exploring a folding concept iPhone, have proposed the confirmation of rumors. It was believed that Apple was investigating iPhone folding designs from 2013, but the new data shows that the company is still serious… Read More