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Outsourcing of Java Mobile Applications

By | November 5, 2017

The world is shrinking and at the same time the technology is expanding. The latest in the technological car is Java in the mobile application. This technology is not new in the world, but many do not know yet. The development of mobile Java applications requires expert programming staff with thorough knowledge of technology and applications. This is why people and companies around the world prefer to outsource Java work to other companies.


Softage is one of the leading IT companies in Russia that has overshadowed its competitors in a very short period of time. A few years ago nobody thought they would use the phone with java compatibility, but now it’s a fact. Java applications for the latest mobile phones and smartphones are nowadays up.


Now everyone from around the world wants to use Java-compatible mobile phones because it adds enhanced functionality to the devices. But not everybody has the ability to exploit this technology because it requires a lot of research and pure knowledge. That’s why people, instead of trying, simply outsource the work of mobile Java applications to a professional. The use of the Java application consists of a number of solid integrated tools that are used to create applications that minimize developmental efforts. Up to now, Nokia has used this technology successfully and the results were impressive.


Therefore, Softage offers a complete Java task, and it has a range of utilities designed specifically for Java developers that enable high-quality Java applications. This is why, whenever someone plans to outsource to Java, Softage is the first name that draws attention. There are several tools used in Java applications and these are the following:

  • Eclipse IDE
    • Platform 40 2.0 SDK.
    • S60 Platform SDK for Symbian OS, for Java.
    • S60 Platform SDK for Symbian OS, for Java.
    • 80-Series Platform SDK for Symbian OS, for Java
    In addition, it supports several important benefits, such as:
    • It is compatible with the industry-leading Eclipse IDE
    • Assistance in the development of MIDP and Personal Profile applications (PP)
    • In addition, there are more MIDP development tools
    • Last but not least is the extensive support for PC-based tests of connected applications.


Therefore, it is easy to say that it is advisable to go to Java outsourcing instead of burning your fingers. The experience of Softage with Java technology can provide a complex and advanced solution for your business. Therefore, what you are waiting for when you are looking for a company where you can hire Java outsourcing services, Softage is the best option.

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