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One Third of BlackBerry World Applications Come From a Single Developer

By | December 4, 2017

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One third of BlackBerry World applications come from the same developer (Berry Review). A developer company known as S4BB has created more than 47,000 applications for the BlackBerry World applications market with their own hands. That’s almost a third of the total number of BlackBerry World applications. The race around the app store is not even close, but this presentation illustrates another obstacle in BlackBerry’s attempt to determine the relevance of the platform and the app stores: the huge discrepancy between the quantity and the quality of applications in BlackBerry World.


Does HTC have to look at Lenovo? (Bloomberg Businessweek) Taiwanese smart phone developer HTC has struggled in the global market and is at a crossroads. Businessweek analyzes the potential benefits of an HTC Lenovo partnership.
LG Tablet, Phablet, Smartwatch and the device Firefox OS are coming (Engadget) The head of mobile communication of LG in Bulgaria, Dimitar Valev, spoke about the company’s plans to launch a full range of devices. LG tablets are currently in the background, but the company also wants to use its claim in the emerging market for smart watches and laptops. LG will also support the start of Firefox OS for a new device.


Google wants content from the NFL (All Things Digital) The NFL contract with DirecTV for the Sunday Ticket package has increased in 2014. Google has an initial advantage in obtaining a possible offer for the television subscription service. The smartest thing will be how willing the NFL is to work with an “exaggerated” provider like Google versus traditional cable and satellite providers.


The Great Mistake (Wired) is a platform for social applications designed with the premise that all user data within the social infrastructure is too important to be free. has a radical business plan that will undoubtedly shake the picture, but it has to overcome many obstacles before becoming a super power for the social network.


More evidence of Apple’s struggle In China (Bloomberg), Apple’s share of the tablet market dropped from 49% last year to only 28% this year. Meanwhile, Samsung’s share rose to 11%.

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