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Latest Feature IOS 10

By | July 31, 2017

Listen to our podcast below for the down down features that came with iOS 10.
General redesign and enhancements to the user experience

On-screen notifications were interactiefer IOS 10. There are now many 3D touch-sensitive shortcuts to respond to smart ways without leaving the screen lock, and many dynamic features that can happen in the message itself.

To accept invitations, respond to messages and stay in a chain of messages, live, all on the lock screen. You can live animated show the progress of your Uber controller to 3D after hitting an Uber notification. And – just like the Apple watch – you can do 3D touch pressure and clear all notifications. That is a practical.

Controls Center has been redesigned and now has several screens, so if you have a good time, go to a special music department. More generally, you can drag from the right on the lock screen to recover the camera.


‘Slide to unlock’ is removed, and instead of viewing ‘Open PressPage. If you do this, you will be prompted to enter your password or unlock the phone if you are using Touch ID.

The biggest change was in Apple’s Siri that remedies to all 3rd party developers. This means that you will be able to activate Apple applications and functions through voice control.

Like Siri would like? Make sure you read our best things to order the Siri article.
Quick type:

QuickType was quite handy and a great time saver and it was even better to predict what it means in IOS 10. QuickType has also become more proactive to bring data from other applications and offer as part of their answers. If someone asks you where you are, you provide the location as a response proposal; If someone asks a person’s e-mail address and IOS thinks he knows who he is, he will propose the relevant contact details.

There is also support for multilingual types – in other words, not just in one language or another, but a mixture of the two. No need to change any keyboards.

As Quicktype photographs were given an injection of artificial intelligence in IOS 10. Apple says that it uses deep learning techniques to the faces, places and objects to analyze and use the results to create clever albums for you.

Photos can be composed and automatically tag associated reisminnetten roles and photos and videos of location, people and time; Apple calls these “memories”.
Here are some tricks for budding iPhone photographers: The Top 25 iPhone Tricks I Did not Know Existed

Tickets were given a new design in IOS 10; Like some of the other applications that have been updated for this update, it looks much simpler and cleaner, and the controls are easily accessible.

Entries are already doing more in advance, with the proactive elements we’ve seen in IOS. Slide up from the map background and get suggested destinations. If it ends at the time it will work, then your work there. Another place can be taken out of a calendar appointment for this time.

You can subfilteren in the search for nearby businesses. More in the form of restaurants; Seafood filter.

Like Google Maps, Apple Maps on iOS takes 10 counts of dynamic traffic and offers alternate routes if traffic gives them preference. Unlike Google Maps (we believe), the interface is smart inside and out, depending on the distance to the next turn and other factors.

And the most open with many of the other features of this, Apple Maps has in the developers. This means that you can take a trip in Uber and pay the trip through Apple for payment, without leaving Maps.

Another addition card. If you have a car with a carplay, you will be happy to know that IOS 10 now remembers where your car left off. Discovered for the first time by 9to5Mac, Apple Maps now know when the iOS device is disconnected with the Bluetooth phone of the car phone.

The phone reminds you of where you parked the car last time and the instructions that go back to it, so if you often forget, the new feature added is a good addition. You can also edit the location of the parked vehicle with a location geüpdatede and add even more context to add to the pick ax, level / park number.


Apple Music had a great visual redesign – and to be honest, it looks good. It also includes a number of songs on the screen, although you may have to wait for the text to add your favorite song.

Better yet, when taking live photos, your music continues to play – so you can have uninterrupted muziekessies.



We really like Apple Music 2.0, and we discussed in more detail in a separate article: Full Guide to New Features Apple Music.

Apple News has been updated – just like the other apps are getting cleaner and easier. But what is more interesting, Apple has added subscriptions to News. (Increasingly, this is still the application Apple wanted it to be Kiosco).

Now there is also a message “Breaking news” application. You can change the application settings feature and even customize the messages you want push notifications on your device.

You get access to paid subscriptions, where you can read an unlimited number of articles in various publications. There is also a widget for the News app, but because it’s still in beta, it’s a bit rough around the edges and offer only basic functionality.

HomeKit & New Application Home:


Apple finally gets serious about smart homes and the internet of things, launching a special application, at home, on all compatible devices HomeKit.


If you open your own, you will see all HomeKit compatible accessories, regardless of which company they have manufactured and can easily be operated from a hub. Many of them have direct access to 3D: You can turn on and slide a dimmer application, for example, to light.

There are some very nice features in the house. One of them is called scenes, which is basically a set of presets in a whole range of accessories that can be activated with a single touch or Siri command.

Is it time to buy a HomeKit device? Read: Best HomeKit Devices Compatible with Apple Home Appliance

The important but often neglected phone application gets a big improvement: voicemail transcripts. IOS puts the speech into text so you can watch through a voicemail without listening. You must have an iPhone 6 or higher, and your operator must support the visual voicemail.

Apple is determined to work with third parties to provide more information about known spammers voice mail, so be warned when passing.


There are many updates of the messages, many of them clearly focused on a young audience.


You can now add enriched messages. Share a link and, as you could do in Slack or Twitter, illustrations and a summary of the article can be utilized so that your friends get an idea of ​​the essence without having to click.

Emoji are included in predictive text. In fact, it goes far beyond messages can send a message that is about to mark and mark all words that can be replaced by scanning emoji. Touch one by one and transform into the right images.

You can also add different effects to your messages bubble.

You can create a message (including images, if desired) appear in “invisible ink”, which means blurred until the receiver goes through a finger. This is meant for situations where you want to surprise someone with a nice message and want to postpone the moment of need satisfaction for a little more. We hope iPhone owners do not use to download their other halves.

Other effects are slam, which drastically increases the balloon to the outside, and others that make the text smaller than normal.

You can send handwritten messages; you use digital touch and send your heart rate (another wink to watchos). You can use full-screen visual effects in your messages so that the entire screen is illuminated by a laser show if it is what you want. It’s all a bit for our little ones but, with Marty McFly, your kids will love it.

Interested in processing messages? Here’s how to use the messages on iOS 10.
Remove installed applications

Apple probably does not want to highlight the fact that users have asked for the ability to delete applications. But they are screaming about that, and the ability to restore the storage they took. (Although Apple emphasizes that do not occupy much space: “They all work together less than 150 MB”).




However, it’s a great relief that iOS 10 can eliminate many of the applications installed Apple from your iPhone or iPad, but it is worth noting that applications are not really “eliminated” in the strict sense; All that happens is that the application icon is hidden, links to features, such as Siri temporarily cut, and user data related to the application are eliminated. But the application itself is still in your system, even though it is evident.

Trivia, if you want to return to the application after erasing, iOS forces you to go through the screensaver of visiting the App Store, finding the app and ‘downloading’ again – but could have really been achieved by simply flicking a switch to enable configuration. Apple does this in order to maintain consistent user experience.
We explain how to eliminate (or maybe we should say, as Apple does, “delete”) applications preinstalled on iOS 10 – and some solutions that make do more or less the same in iOS 9 and earlier – in a separate article: How to To remove stocks, Maps, and other applications installed on the iPhone or iPad.

10 RAW recordings on iOS:

If you have a iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone or iPad Pro 9.7 inches, there’s good news: you’ll have the ability to shoot RAW, which means that the recorded images provide more detail for those who want to professionally edit photos. . RAW images will be larger in file size, of course, so there are shadow edges.
RAW image functionality is available only through the rear-facing camera and can not use image stabilization.


The Safari application is what love with the mobile browser now has the ability to open unlimited number of tabs while iOS 9 could only open 36 tabs. Speaking of tabs can now close all tabs, individually instead of through each tab and close, convenient for those who tend to open multiple tabs at the same time. To do this in the new iOS 10, hold the New Tab button in Safari and will be submitted to close all tabs at once.
In Safari, you can also play videos online without viewing the fullscreen video. This simple feature allows you to read the article further because while a video is being played in the background.


On July 25th, Jer Noble informs a blog post item in WebKit of developers and users who will be silent videos available for auto play while keeping that audio paused.
This means that websites can look and feel different, due to the change in iOS policy. For example, this makes GIFs on Apple’s mobile Safari browser automatically play without user intervention.


This will be by web developers for changes that end-users will feel, but Apple has relaxed her iOS Web policy on iOS 10, which will give developers more control over being adopted while readers Safari Safari experience better.

Other new features:
10 In iOS, you can disable input or read confirmations that were entered individually in iOS 7. At this time, you can change it universally, but now you can change it by contact or group.


There are very slight changes in animation applications and folders, making folders app tray stay away from the center of the screen, instead of the location of the folder on the screen.


Live images now have image stabilization, which we hope to help make things little clearer images.


The default application of the clock now has an alarm clock and bedtime function. In addition to waking up, you can choose to be reminded when bedtime is to ensure that you get your desired rest.


Like MacOS Sierra and the option for storage optimization options, you can IOS 10 instructions to automatically delete files from your device that you have not used for a long time as songs that are rarely played.


Game center is not, and it completely eliminates default applications of values ​​- this is apparently less than 1% of people who actually use it.


You can now delete all notifications in the notification center, so you can quickly remove the Instagram you like … or messages.

3D touch can be used to rename directories; control downloads and proposes applications Siri recommends.
With TVOS you can now use Apple’s new remote TV application to control the Apple TV.

The iMessage application received an update with new animated stickers. Classic Mac, hands, hearts and smileys are four new tag packages that are freely available for download. We are sure that there are more packages available in the future, especially from third parties.


In the message announcement, you can now send low-quality images through the messaging application allow you to retain the data.

Now you can create 3D Touch fast action elements. This makes using the Quick Actions within your control center much faster and easier. For example, you can change the intensity of the flashlight with three different levels of brightness – very handy!

Players can now work on a larger size. Previously, certain applications such as calculator and calendar applications are not well represented by the limitations of the widgets. Now, with more widgets this works much better apps in a widget format.
If sliding to unlock disappeared on IOS 10, Apple has the ability to simply rest your finger on the screen to unlock it. You can find the “Digital Support to unlock” in the accessibility settings.

Widgets in the report center can now be accessed from the main screen. Previously you can only see widgets in the “Today” program. This is now a thing of the past, as you can now see in both sections.
When a liquid ray port is connected to an iPhone (or later) 6s, a warning is displayed. The warning indicates that the lightning iPhone port is disconnected to prevent water damage occurs.
There is a new look at the Control Center, giving it a much more elegant look at the first release.

Now you can see a date in the Knowledge Center.
Apple Music now again stars rating, a feature that was popular with some users. Apple has replaced the headphone logo with an output icon.

You can now respond quickly through a full popup screen.

There is a whole set  of new emojis added and some that have been updated, as the turret is a green water gun.

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