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Know the Key Challenges for Developing Mobile Applications for Business

By | August 6, 2017

In mobile innovations, making steps towards development, companies are becoming increasingly important for enterprise applications. Regardless of their services and products, companies are preparing for the application. And not just customers, business applications are essential for your staff as well. For most of the company’s employees, mobile, mobile application development is no longer an option but a necessity for commercial companies.

The hand of statistical data shows some crucial facts in this context. According to reports published by reliable sources, in 2015, a huge increase in the number of mobile workers will be recorded. With nearly 1,300 million mobile professionals this year, the need and importance of mobile business applications will inevitably increase.

Difference between applications and enterprise consumers
With such figures, the development of services provides highly reliable mobile applications as the need of the hour. However, there is a need to consider some aspects here. Robust enterprise applications are very different from app store applications. Of course, the challenges of developing mobile applications for companies that make mistakes in the development of normal consumer applications differ.

For a good understanding of the key challenges of enterprise application development, and possible solutions, this article will definitely be useful.

The real story
The mobile ecosystem is a hard note to crack. If market statistics are something to go, then you will notice that 73% of companies have fewer than five applications. On the other hand, the remaining 39% of companies have not yet developed enterprise applications. That’s why it is obvious that companies need time to understand the mobile landscape.

Challenge 1: Fragmentation Platform
One of the main challenges of enterprise application development is the fragmentation of the platform. From now on, there are two major platforms, namely Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). With features and specific features, both platforms require experience and skills for application development. Now, getting a thorough knowledge of both platforms can be very overwhelming for application developers.


Solution: As a solution for enterprise application developers, use multi-channel application development platforms such as PhoneGap. To get this particular platform they have the ability to deploy applications across multiple devices and operating systems.

Challenge 2: Choice of teams
The next biggest challenge is the choice of device. With different screen shapes, sizes and resolutions; All different devices leaving developers a lot of work. Depending on the particular specifications of these devices, developers should make tweakers to sensitive applications.
Solution: Segment and identify your target audience will be the best to do in this regard. Discover your chosen devices and you will solve this problem to a great extent.

Challenge 3: Security
With a range of different devices and operating systems, application security can be a tedious task for enterprise application developers. There are opportunities to breach security, and businesses do not store in the huge potential of mobile data.
Solution: The limitation of strengthening access to the company by the company in this context is one of the effective solutions.


Challenge 4: Developmental Approaches
The application development approach is another key challenge. There are hybrid applications, native applications and web applications. The development of these applications, will be according to their specific characteristics is inevitable an upward struggle for developers.

Solution: Using platforms like Open Source SDK MoSync helps develop applications with HTML 5 or C ++. With these platforms, developers can create applications using single API.

Enterprise application development does not fail to have its fair share of problems and challenges. However, in conjunction with major application developers India will be the first step to overcome these challenges and shortcomings in their mobile application development tools.

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