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Installing new BlackBerry software using RIM Desktop Manager

By | July 16, 2017

As mentioned above, you have your BlackBerry, an internet connected PC and a compatible USB charging cable to install new mobile software through the RIM Administrator desk.
To start, you need the new software to be installed on your BlackBerry to download and store on your PC’s hard drive.


The application is a game, a theme or otherwise, it is likely in a “zip” or saved file, so you must extract the contents of a program like WinRAR or BitZipper, both of which are available for the version free trial. Save the contents of the uploaded file to another folder on the hard disk. Inside the new folder you will see that there are two different files, one with the extension “.cod” and another with the “.alx” version. The zip software can also include a text file with installation instructions or something.

After you have disconnected the software, launch Desktop Manager and connect your BlackBerry to your PC via the USB cable. When Desktop Manager recognizes your device – the bottom of the status screen says “Connected” and gives the smartphone pin on. You must open the application loader. Then click the words “Add / Remove Applications” on the left side of the screen, click Start.

When you are looking for your computer setup, desktop manager then displays a list of all the software that is currently on your BlackBerry. From there, you must click the Browse button to find the new software to install. Navigate to the file containing the extracted content of your sent messages, select the “.alx” file and select Open. You will then be returned to the screen that shows all the software on your device, but this time you will find the new software in the list. Make sure the box is full in addition to the new software and click Next.

On the next screen, you will see a list of files that are added or deleted, or if the information is correct, click Finish to start the installation process. Again, do not worry if it takes some time and desktop manager just says “Connect to a device.” It may take several minutes to install the new software. When the process is complete, a new screen will appear saying “full update: the upload operation was successful.”
Finally, you should start the application, if necessary, enter an activation code – the software is often purchased such release is necessary – and you’re all set.


BlackBerry Software Removal with RIM Desktop Manager

Removing applications on the device using Desktop Manager is very similar to adding software.
First, you must reboot connecting the device to the computer using a USB cable and then Desktop Manager. Open the application loader, select Add and remove applications, and scroll through the software list until you delete the ones you want to delete. Remove the check marks next to these applications and click Next.


Again, you see a list of the applications you want to delete. If the list is correct, click Finish and dismiss the selected software. Be patient, however; as the addition of the application process, deletion may take some time.


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