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How to get notifications from your Android phone on her desk with Android Notifier?

By | February 12, 2017

android_notificationOur Android phones are able to get more and more every day, and all these applications generate many reports. Some of these reports that would like to see, even though right next phone while working on a computer. However, there is a relatively new service that the phone itself and components for desktop Windows / Mac / Linux. This pair can detect messages on your phone, and display them on the desktop of your computer.

Android Notifier

Android Notifier is the application that does. The general idea is simple: a portion of the application on the phone, listen to messages and send them according to your configuration. The counter part receives these messages and displays them for you, as shown below.
That is all about. However, you have a handful more options than just simple idea.


To begin, continue and download the application from Android Market, or follow the link to your site and read the QR barcode. Now go to the site if you have not already done so and download the appropriate configuration file for your system. No files are available for easy installation on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE. Note that these packages do not meet the standard for your system if you use Linux repositories.


The setup takes a while, because you need to configure both the phone and the party is on the desktop. However, for both the process, it is a matter of course.
If you choose to send messages via your wireless (or even over the Internet if you have a static IP address and forwarding the appropriate ports), you can choose the message spread throughout the network so that the configured customers collect and display (it will not work over the internet), or if you target specific IP addresses (this must be set as sent via the internet). You can also choose to send messages via Bluetooth if the distance is not a problem. You only need the phone and computer are connected as a prerequisite and can choose which device to send messages.
Finally, you can also password for your notifications so that only notifications when the phone and the customer entered the correct password will appear. Ensure that similar adjustments are made in the desktop client. Note that you can collapse certain categories of configurations when not needed. To test your configuration, send a test message.
Another useful feature is the availability to execute commands for your computer when it happens what.
Apart from the messages that appear in the notification bar of your phone, Android Notified also allows you to periodically inform about the battery of the phone. This is a great feature, because it will make one less thing to worry about where you must constantly monitor your phone will be.


The use of Android Notifier is a great advantage for those who do not want to constantly check their phones while working on the computer. If you have an Android phone, I suggest you try it!
Android Notifier will find a great facility and intends to use it, or just more pop-ups in a sea of other messages?

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