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How to Connect With Women Who Use Their Blackberry?

By | January 14, 2018

Do you ever go out and see that people take it apart with your BlackBerry? They sit there in a room full of strangers who wonder why they can not meet people, while their eyes and thumbs make love with their BlackBerry.


Have you ever involved someone in the provisional BlackBerry games? The flashing lights start to flash. They take over their favorite BlackBerry. They quickly take their fingers and touch the side very carefully, so that they can see which e-mail has captured every detail of their attention.


Does one of these sounds sound like you?
Are your hands seductive and caress a BlackBerry more than the opposite sex?
Is your BlackBerry the last thing you touch before you go to bed at night?
Is your BlackBerry the first thing you touch in the morning (with tender care)?
Does the vibration of your BlackBerry really start?


I’m not telling you to break your BlackBerry. I tell you to think of your BlackBerry with a completely new light . . . as a tool to really get to know someone from the opposite sex.


The five examples that I will describe may lead you and your BlackBerry to a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Who knows? Maybe your BlackBerry and your BlackBerry can handle each other and make them Blackberries.


All the examples below are for men, but women can also use them in principle. The next time you see a woman who is fascinated by her BlackBerry, walk around and ask her, “What’s so interesting? I’ll show you my last text if you show me yours.” The person with the most interesting text message buys the other coffee. ”
It can also be a cocktail, a donut or whatever. . . you understand it I did this. It works. It is funny Even sometimes it makes a good reading. Use your BlackBerry as a wingman.


Send this text Friday evening: “Hmmm … last night was interesting, a drink later?” When you get this text from yourself, you will have to find a few women you are walking to and they will tell you:

You: “Can I just bother you? I just received this funky text from this woman and I need your opinion about it, but before I show you this text, I have to tell you something about the background story. Wine, spent an hour and a half together, and had a good time.


I was not sure if there was chemistry. I gave her a quick hug and said I would talk to her soon. What does this text mean?


Then surrender to your wingman, me. and. , your BlackBerry, for them. In three minutes, these women will show you the entire BlackBerry and talk about outdoor events and appointments.


You just used your BlackBerry as the last wingman. I have also done this with clients who were as shy as they can be. . . and this works all the time.
If you have BlackBerry Pearl and you have a camera, you can walk directly to a woman and ask her to take a picture of you and her friend.


This creates a very magical BlackBerry moment. When you sit next to a woman with a BlackBerry, make sure your BlackBerry is in vibration mode.
Place your BlackBerry next to yours, just touch the corners and create a sexy power of BlackBerry. The moment your BlackBerry vibrates, it will grab it and reach it.
There are two things you can say at this time:

“I think your BlackBerry has turned on mine because it can not stop shaking.” OR
“We’re like Pavlov’s dogs, two trained dogs that grab our BlackBerrys at the same time, you want to read my email and I’ll read yours, we’ll answer strangers.”
This will make them laugh. Making a fool of another BlackBerry addiction is an excellent way to start a conversation.
When you wait in a bar or in a coffee shop while you wait for a friend, you can pretend that you are sending text messages to someone on your BlackBerry.
Wait a moment, pretend that you receive an SMS and move your head. Start talking to the woman next to you, who is probably equipped with BlackBerry and also wait for a friend.

Then he explains the obvious: “Is your friend as late as mine?” You two will keep your BlackBerries tight while talking about your dead friends.
These are some ways you can use your BlackBerry to meet women. They are fun, they are stupid and they work. It’s time to start using your BlackBerry as the best meeting device.

I bet you never knew how powerful and seductive BlackBerry can be when meeting the opposite sex. Send me an email today so you can read it on my BlackBerry and read about all the connections you just found.

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