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How To Buy (A) Tech Technology On A Tight Budget?

By | March 27, 2018

If you keep getting smaller and smaller when your children send out a wish list because these little pieces of paper are full of toys and large electronic gadgets, chances are that they will have to deal with technological shocks. It is that feeling of numbness that you get when you realize that one day you will have to choose between putting food on the table and paying your bills for mobile services, whether it’s internet access, a game plan, a satellite account or a cable service.

It is not only about the purchase Tech Technology price of the hardware. Then irritating plastic packaging comes out (are you crazy about that?), There is almost always a subscription to a monthly subscription, or software to buy, or valuable books on how you can buy to get the most value out of your investment or security problems. They start cheap, but over time become more expensive and expensive. Not only that, the advanced technology you buy today is redundant before your children wear their school shoes. Then you will have to go through the same process again, or carry the burden of endless discussions about how the latest and best gadget is absolutely essential (add an ingenious manipulation game here).

Of course, the new technology is well-organized and useful. Which parent does not want their child to have access to a mobile phone or the latest teaching materials to get a good start in life? If you want your partner to have some of the nicest things in life, that is not too much to ask, right?

Consider: a home theater system could lead to fewer exits to expensive movies and terribly expensive trips to the concession counter. It is even possible to get free DVDs in the library to compensate for the costs. Do you see what we do here? We are building a strategy. Having a strategy is a good Tech Technology start.

Deciding which gadgets you want, need or really need is a process. After you have reduced your long list to a shorter list of options for the family, it’s time to set a budget and search for the best prices for the items you want.

On the next page we will see the ways and means to buy gadgets. When you can not have everything, these tips help you make smarter decisions when buying electronic products and other technological equipment.

Budget, then bells and whistles
Most shopping gurus agree that one of the best ways to decide which technology to buy is to first eliminate a budget. This includes the price of the item itself, as well as the costs associated with its use. If you know you want a game system, a wireless home network and a digital satellite system, but you can only pay one of the three, you can start looking for some creative options.

The technologies that interest you may overlap and you can, for example, use your home wireless network to access television programs and games. That way you can temporarily pass through the digital satellite system and game console. You will not get everything you want, but you may be able to manage more functions than you expected for the price you are willing to pay.

Roku, for example, is an entertainment device for touring that sells for about $ 50. It contains links to a large amount of free programming and easy access to paid services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. There is no monthly fee for the Roku box and it is easy to connect to your television and your wired or wireless network. It does not give you access to all cable stations that you find via cable or satellite, but it is cheap, easy to set up and offers endless possibilities for movies and TV shows.

Cable and satellite providers often offer bundled technology packages that can save you by investing separately in multiple services. You can combine access to internet, cable, games and telephone services for a single purchase solution. This can be a good thing, especially if there is strong competition between satellite services and the cable provider in your part of the country. Before you start removing a place at the coffee table for the new remote control, you must bear in mind that a contract must be signed for this type of transaction. A period of one or two years is not uncommon.

Tips for finding affordable technology for the family
In addition to trying to find overlapping technologies and scoring bundled offers for additional discounts, here are some tips for best practices that help you get better value for your dollar technology:


  1. Avoid the extras: the home theater system or the computer may have extras you do not really need. The “free” printer in your computer’s component may seem like a good deal, but the printer manufacturer will probably make the money with the price of the ink cartridge replacement, not with the printer itself. That’s because ink costs a fortune. Additional memory cards, microfiber cloths and smart cables look good in ads, but you save money by buying basic packages and adding the extras yourself if you need them.
  2. Discover the latest generation of products: technology is always changing and the latest and best device is sold at a higher price immediately after its first presentation. If you plan to cancel your purchase with a new version of the product and buy the latest technology, you can buy a quality product at an affordable price in the basement. The manufacturer will continue to support the previous model and there is a possibility that it is technologically updated enough to provide a useful service for years (or at least for many months). is a place to buy consumer electronics that makes suggestions on when to buy items such as flat screens and laptops. Evaluations are model-specific and summaries contain predictions of price increases and decreases, as well as reports on when new models are expected. It is a good place to check when you have a wish list at hand.
  3. Carry out the extended warranty: Consumer Reports recommends transferring extended warranties to electronic stores. After evaluating the repair histories collected in technical products, they concluded that repair speeds are generally relatively low, and the necessary repairs generally cost less or about the same as the price of the extended warranty. Oh, and if you make your purchase with selected credit cards of platinum or gold or with an American Express card, it will automatically double the factory warranty anyway. That is difficult to overcome.
  4. Buy overhauled: the manufacturer’s reconditioned electronic products are often sold at a 30 percent discount and many have a 30- to 90-day warranty. Usually, a restored item is purchased and returned to the factory. The repairs necessary to make the item suitable for sale can be cosmetic or replaced with DOA components. Consider branded items when you consider this type of purchase and choose resellers you know.

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