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How Do I exclusive rights My Mobile App Idea?

By | August 16, 2017

Therefore, you have a great mobile app idea and the mobile application you want to protect your Mobile App idea with a patent. What do you want to know? First of all, you should know that applying for a patent is a very detailed, often tedious process. It may be easier, however, to know some important things about the patent process.


When entrepreneurs ask me how a mobile application idea should be patented, then I say:

  1. Do a Search for Patents or Search App Idea?

This is the first thing you should do. Often, a simple Google search will tell you if there is a similar application. If you can find an application with features and functions like yours in the App Store, your chances of getting a patent is bleak. Also in the Patent and Trademark Office ( search website should see if there is a patent. You need to search with other keywords and descriptions to make sure nothing compares to your idea. If you find something similar, you are in a good place to apply for a patent. If you find something that is close to your idea of ​​application, you need to change your idea to make it unique. You can hire a patent attorney to look for a search for you. They rely too much on finding, but can usually work themselves as good or better. Google, application stores and the USPTO are good sources to look for when applying for a patent as the patent office will search this database to find a match.

  1. Create design documentation for your application idea
    Once you notice that there is no idea of ​​comparable application, you should document your idea. Basically, this means that you must describe the design, functions and features of your application in a document with your patent application. Your application documentation shows exactly what is unique to your application. You should also create wireframes and flowcharts for your application.


Wireframes can see what your application’s screen can see in terms of data flow and functions. You can also create a flowchart to describe the power key and the use of your application. If you can not do Mobile App Idea yourself, you can hire a business application design and application development to do it for you. You can also design / UX UI contractor to create more advanced design documentation. This often comes in PDF format.

  1. File a provisional patent
    After you have compiled the documentation, you need to file a provisional patent, which is easier to register (you can do it yourself on the website. Online payment to make. Once you submit the application online, you will receive a one year temporary patent, which can transform your idea into a reality.
  2. Placing in the non-provisional provisional patent

If you decide during your provisional patent application year that your idea is successful, you want to apply for a non-provisional patent. This process may be more annoying than the provisional patent process; However, you can find all the information you need on the USPTO website. You can hire a patent attorney at this time to submit your patent Mobile App Idea for you, especially if you are successful with your application in the market seen. If success seems likely, you can hire a professional to make sure your application runs correctly.

Applying for a patent is a lengthy and detailed process, but if you follow the well-detailed steps in the process, you can reduce costs. The website of the USPTO has been very simple and easy to navigate done. You can contact them, even if you have questions about the process.


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