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How can I fix an iOS 10-broken update your iPhone or iPad are blocked?

By | July 30, 2017

Some users are trying to upgrade to the latest Apple iOS 10 on their iPhones and iPads, they are no longer available. There is a solution, but it requires a real computer to do it. Here’s how.

The update, iPhone or iPAD sent in a boot lock, which recorded with the Apple logo or the so-called state of “brick” similar. Depending on how much the upgrade process is, it can be solved quickly via iTunes. In case you need a full recovery, if you have created a backup with iTunes, it should be fairly quick. If you do not, you should do so in a place that has a solid Wi-Fi to restore your iCloud applications. This may take some time if you have installed a large number of them.

1. Find a computer – PC with Windows or Mac – with the latest version of iTunes that is compatible with IOS 10

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Keep the Sleep and Home buttons pressed on the iPhone or iPad until Recovery

mode and a message appears on the screen to connect to it in iTunes

  1. Make sure that iTunes is a message to update your iPhone or iPad or restore
  2. Select Update to continue the IOS 10 update (recovery will restore to iOS 9)
  3. Wait for the phone or tablet settings to be updated on the device and continue


You should not restore the iPhone or iPad to the previous steps, repeat steps, turn your smartphone or tablet into recovery and then select Restore instead of upgrade.
If that does not work, you may have to make a trip to an Apple store to fix it.

An Apple spokesperson said: “We have experienced a brief problem with the software update process, so that a small number of users were reached during the first few hours of availability, the problem is resolved quickly and apologize to those customers. World was affected … users must connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare. ” Has also designated visits on the to its customer support page.


Camera iPhone 7 Plus can now mix targeting people or other objects in the foreground, replicating a typically limited to larger rooms known as SLR effect.
The “portrait mode” was announced in September, but was unavailable until the company launched its iOS software update 10.1 on Monday.

SLR single lens – They are able to achieve the effect of the depth of the field by controlling how wide the lens opens; The iPhone uses software settings.

Portrait mode requires an iPhone 7 Plus because it uses two lenses to detect the depth. Other iPhones only have a camera lens. The software update will be available to other iPhones, as it also includes bug fixes and other enhancements.

To use, slides the bottom of the camera application “portrait”. It is between the “picture” and “square”.

Then a few steps back, because the feature plays in the second zoom lens, iPhone 7 Plus, which means that the images are enlarged twice. The screen will guide you to zoom in or out of the subject or, in some cases, a setting with more light. If you shoot multiple people, make sure everyone is at the same distance from the camera to keep them sharp.

Apple calls this feature deeper a beta, which means it’s a work in progress. The iPhone will also hit the default non-customized shots.

The dual-lens phone P9 Huawei also has a similar function.

The update comes three days before Apple held an event of the product in Cupertino, California, where the company is expected to make known new Mac computers.

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