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Frequently Asked Questions about Antivirus

By | March 19, 2018

In 2018 it is essential to have antivirus software on your computer, but with so many options to choose from, it is difficult to know who to trust. We have compiled a guide for buyers of the best selling products that have been approved and certified by their operating system. Use the rankings below to choose the right product for you.
Do not know where to start with the antivirus? Do not worry, we have tried days and weeks to test all suppliers, so it is not necessary. Here we have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about antivirus products.


1 What are the best antivirus products?
There are so many antivirus vendors in the market that specialize in many different things, so it’s hard to say what is perfect for you. Most antivirus products use the same technology to locate and eliminate viruses, so each of the brands listed here offers the best protection. We always recommend looking for a product created to eliminate viruses, malware, adware and ransomware, since there are many specializations in one. We also do not recommend spending a lot of money on Antivirus, products like TotalAV offer the same level of protection as any other antivirus at a fraction of the price.

2 What are the main features of an antivirus program?
All important functions are important because they work together to protect your system against cybercriminals. In any case, be sure to use a product that includes a real-time virus scanner, firewall, adware protection, secure browsing security, this will keep you protected all day. Click here to use our comparison tool next to each other to verify if your chosen antivirus contains all these important functions.


3 Does the antivirus protect me against identity theft?
This has become one of the most common questions in recent months, since identity theft is known as the fastest growing global crime in 2 out of 5 people. Although Antivirus protects you against cyberattacks that can steal your personal information, it does not verify your identity or help you if your identity is compromised. Some providers work with credit bureaus to provide their clients with identity protection, for example, this has had a great impact on the # 1 ranking of TotalAV and offers complete premium protection and credit monitoring for their premium clients.

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