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Examples of different forms of technology mediated communication

By | March 25, 2018

The technological revolution happened so fast that many people never thought about how much of their communication depends on technology. People have “friends” whom they have never met on social networks, and an entire generation is already tired of cell phone calls and has given up on text messages. Study the forms of communication mediated by technology that are essential for your small business.


You must answer your email or hire someone to do it for you. Email has become a standard form of business communication, especially for short messages that require action. With this type of technology-based communication, you can provide a long-term service for many customers, but also for partners and other interested parties without long discussions. With modern software you can send the same email to all interested parties, so you can keep your message, name and products in the foreground.

Send Text Messages
Text messages have become the most personal form of business communication. While you can give your email address to many people, your personal SMS number is reserved for a few close co-workers. Your communication by text is usually more urgent than email. If your company evolves very slowly, you should check if you are benefiting completely from text messages.

Instant Messaging
Instant messaging through websites or instant messaging applications can contribute to the success of your negotiations. Instant messaging is generally used for longer discussions than text messages. You can involve someone in another city, state or country in a conversation that can lead to a lucrative business. The advantage of this electronic conversation is that you can think about it before answering. In face-to-face conversations, it can be difficult to pause long enough to gather your thoughts.

Social Networks
Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace can be essential to spread your message. You will have to adapt your communication style to a more informal approach. Gather “friends” on these sites. These are places to do relationship marketing. Instead of the sales pitch, you post messages on these sites that appear to be good business for your friends.

On the Twitter website you can transmit very short messages with the name “tweets” to people who have chosen to follow your messages. This is not the place for a long exchange. Instead, briefly consult a new product, message or development that excites your company. This can not lead to immediate sales, but will lead to awareness of your business in the market.

The word ‘blog’ is an abbreviation of ‘weblog’. These sites are often written by amateurs, but asking a blogger to evaluate a product or service can be a good way to get the word out about your small business. Please, contact the bloggers by email, usually appear on your blog and ask them to look at your product or service. You can spread the word informally and quickly through this technology-based communication. Many companies, from sole proprietorships to large companies, have established their own blogs as the main communication channel for the public.

Video conference
You can save travel money using video conferencing. If you and another person have cameras and the right software, they can see each other and talk to each other on their computers. This gives you the personal meeting you need without having to be in the same place. When you want to convey your message with physical gestures and facial expressions, this form of technology can be an effective means of communication.

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