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How to educate coding and programming

Animation on computer game design lends the learning of encoding to schools a lot of fun learning activities. The theme was introduced last year as part of the new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum, to provide students with the skills they need for the future job. For example, this… Read More

What are the tips for investing in the Mobile application market?

The application market is usually controlled by smartphones. We are seeing the advent of thousands of mobile applications entering the market, looking for a place under the competition. So no one knows when applications are viral and what types of applications result in successful downloads. This year we saw the… Read More

What kind of iPhone do you need to buy to get a digital portfolio of work? Think different

If you need to see some of Apple’s live product announcements, you may have noticed that the company introduced a major innovation in the way Americans pay for things, the new iPhone 6, along with the Apple laptop watch, the integration of mobile payments, which in fact would allow the… Read More

Secure Your Application Development like Your Own House

An easy way to see the security of web applications development is to imagine your own home. It has a front door, rear side windows, a number of rooms, shelter, fences and various paths. Only the terminology is different. The front door: The gateway of a web application is the… Read More

Protect Your Smart Phone From Damage – 6 Effective Tips

Nothing hurts more than seeing relics of his smartphone splattered across the floor after a fall. Despite its usefulness, smart phones are quite fragile – too fragile, in fact. They are susceptible to all kinds of damages that can lead to malfunction or even not work at all. Yes, the… Read More

How to choose a smartphone for professional use?

Professional smartphone users will have a phone primarily for business correspondence. This means that you need to have features such as video calling capabilities organizers organizing events, dates, alerts and reminders. A smart phone you plan to use for businesses should also email you the capabilities that can be used… Read More

Did You Know What the First Touchscreen Phone was Ever?

Smartphones are on the way to becoming everywhere – everyone seems to have one already. What’s more, there is no evidence that indicates that their popularity is to fall quickly at any time. It was not always so nice, of course. In fact, the term “smart phone” did not even… Read More