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How to educate coding and programming

Animation on computer game design lends the learning of encoding to schools a lot of fun learning activities. The theme was introduced last year as part of the new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum, to provide students with the skills they need for the future job. For example, this… Read More

6 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Mobile Application

The steady growth of mobile application development platforms has helped simplify the entire process of building applications. With advanced methods, simpler plug-ins and intuitive platforms, almost everyone can now create their own mobile application. However, the development of a very useful and beloved application is a completely different ball game.… Read More

Web developers need to know about the new CSS3 features

CSS3 makes it easy for developers to build web applications that look great on computers and mobile devices. Additionally, developers can combine HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create a variety of mobile web applications. Despite being compatible with CSS, CSS3 contains several new modules. These new modules make it easy… Read More

Why should I invest in Android applications?

To be honest, a mobile application is a cherry on the user experience cake, while conversations and text messages are the most important features of a mobile device. However, an application may be the top priority for a person if you are busy enough. A mobile application can create mercy… Read More

A Quick Start-Guide- How can you make android Developer?

Technology Google Android is interesting and stimulating that the development of Android rapids worldwide. A simple search on android shows thousands of pages, all discussing the possibilities that this new piece of technology is giving the Android application developer.   There are tutorials and articles, including examples of codes that… Read More

How can you to become successful Android developers?

Android has become a preferred platform for developers to extend the application due to the open and open source nature that allows great flexibility to effectively map their creative ideas. Application development is a creative field and nothing that an individual can better help than the Android platform to grow… Read More

Want to Creat App Successful? Here Are the Tips

A functional and feature-rich business application is a power in your hand to reach more than 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. Whether new companies or large companies, each organization will find its application on the customer’s smart devices. Nowadays, as we see thousands of applications creat being implemented every day… Read More

Apple is working secretly on IA chips for the next iPhone?

Creating wonders for artificial intelligence and the enthusiasm of people has never been an easy task, but it has always been a true Apple Inc. as well has been there. The virtual assistant company for smartphones, commonly known as Siri was the first of its kind to bring artificial intelligence… Read More

Apple’s next iPhone can save your life

There is no way to persuade people to stop texting while driving. It’s incredibly dangerous, selfish and reckless. According to the National Safety Administration Highway Traffic, distracted driving killed at least 3477 people by 2015 alone. Many states have banned text messages while driving, including my own state of Maryland,… Read More

How to factory rearrange your Android device?

Technical problems, can only establish a factory to see improvements. I had problems with the audio level during the phone calls and a factory refurbishment arranged well. Doing a factory reset does not always solve; however, it is usually the first one that should make customer support inform you in… Read More