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Developer against platform line for SDK

“Do not you think you need some kind of resources to enable people to use third party applications that will run on the iPod, it would be hugely popular to write? “. And I pointed out that it would turn a music player’s iPod into a “platform” – something that… Read More

With Apple iOS 8 on the wings, what is your verdict on iOS 7?

Almost a year ago, Apple introduced a radical new image for its iOS mobile software. The reactions mix – but almost everyone seems to use it. Are you accustomed or do you do things? His introduction had caused a great deal of debate: it was the first time Jonathan Ive,… Read More

How can you to become successful Android developers?

Android has become a preferred platform for developers to extend the application due to the open and open source nature that allows great flexibility to effectively map their creative ideas. Application development is a creative field and nothing that an individual can better help than the Android platform to grow… Read More

IPhone SDK – Tips to develop your first application for the Apple iPhone AppStore

Apple AppStore has the mobile gaming industry by storm. So far, mobile phone manufacturers fearfully monitor their application development, convinced that gave them a competitive edge. Ironically, Apple is known for keeping near their own code that has opened the application development worldwide. Before you start developing your own new… Read More

Protectors of general iPhone problems and how to solve them

How to install the iPhone if it does not work? These are the most common problems I encounter and how to solve them all!   “It just works” is ideal. The reality is “it only works with the no – usually when you need it most.” Like any complex and… Read More

8 Android games -Changing Mobile Apps Trending Categories on this time

The first mobile world has brought a number of market-changing market opportunities for businesses. Applications have become a leading resource for people ranging from buying movie tickets, shopping online, payments, routine tasks and more plans. From education to entertainment, banking business, travel to health care is a set of established… Read More

Tips for Medical Apps Development

The spread of mobile phones in medical institutions increases as a result of the need for quick access to information because the time value here is associated with people’s lives, no money. Related mobile devices have the way in which hospitals are doing creating an impact on the health revolution.… Read More

Secure Your Application Development like Your Own House

An easy way to see the security of web applications development is to imagine your own home. It has a front door, rear side windows, a number of rooms, shelter, fences and various paths. Only the terminology is different. The front door: The gateway of a web application is the… Read More

Apple is working secretly on IA chips for the next iPhone?

Creating wonders for artificial intelligence and the enthusiasm of people has never been an easy task, but it has always been a true Apple Inc. as well has been there. The virtual assistant company for smartphones, commonly known as Siri was the first of its kind to bring artificial intelligence… Read More

Apple’s next iPhone can save your life

There is no way to persuade people to stop texting while driving. It’s incredibly dangerous, selfish and reckless. According to the National Safety Administration Highway Traffic, distracted driving killed at least 3477 people by 2015 alone. Many states have banned text messages while driving, including my own state of Maryland,… Read More