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10 Ways to Keep Your iPhone Safe in 2017/2018

It’s probably not that you’ve come to your new year’s resolution list, but it’s definitely one to keep up late (especially if you’ve received one of Apple’s phones this Christmas): Make sure your iPhone is safe against evil. A smartphone is an abundant source of personal information, such as photos,… Read More

The number one mind changes needed to build a successful business

I was not excited about owning a company. In fact, I do not remember being called. The highest achievement my parents expected was going to college and having a good job for someone else. Imagine when my father, on his deathbed, convinced the family to form a family business. That… Read More

Advantages of mobile application development tools and courses

As an entrepreneur, he is always planning to offer his clients the latest news. After the success of a nice and cool website, now is the time to bring something lucrative: what about a mobile application for your business? Give customers a platform so they can get in touch with… Read More

How do you choose a good mobile application developer?

There have been days left in developing applications for mobile devices that rarely followed. Today is the result of the emergence of a large number of devices, such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices, the popularity of the mobile application has become so dominant. These are some of the most… Read More

IOS Location: Last Mile Problem Solution

It is the time of applications. Every stream of life flows in the wave of the application. There is an application for almost anything we can think of. App stores like Apple seem to have the unlimited potential of having the right apps, both in terms of adoption and revenue… Read More

iOS 10, How it changed everything?

Ten years ago, today the first iPhone stores in the us. On paper was nothing special device: lacked 3G connectivity that was everywhere in the world standard, battery was a day and resolution of; the camera was only two megapixels. It also came with an eye-watering price tag of $… Read More

How to use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

The seemingly endless source of  great software applications, themes and games available for your BlackBerry, you can not do much good if you do not know how to install them. This BlackBerry Council of the week provides information on how to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager software Research In Motion (RIM)… Read More

What kind of iPhone do you have? All Generations of iPhone and Their Model Numbers

If you are wondering, “What iPhone do I have?” You have come to the right place. Before IOS 10.3 for iPhone, it was not easy to figure out what iPhone model you had. If you try to identify the model of your iPhone, you must find the model number and… Read More

8 Android games -Changing Mobile Apps Trending Categories on this time

The first mobile world has brought a number of market-changing market opportunities for businesses. Applications have become a leading resource for people ranging from buying movie tickets, shopping online, payments, routine tasks and more plans. From education to entertainment, banking business, travel to health care is a set of established… Read More

Does your business need a android app Build?

The abundance of personal mobile devices has changed consumer expectations about access to information. We hope to find more information about the products always and everywhere. And we are so likely to get that information from some sort of social network like we go straight to a company’s website. This… Read More