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BlackBerry Playbook Opens on Android, a Tour of the Amazon App Store, MySpace in the Free Autumn and More

By | November 19, 2017

“The developers currently building for the BlackBerry or Android platforms can quickly and easily deploy their applications via BlackBerry OS from the BlackBerry port thanks to a high level of API compatibility. The new optional application players will be available to download the BlackBerry and World applications are placed in a secure sandbox on the BlackBerry PlayBook where BlackBerry Java or Android applications can run A smart move Blackberry developers can still know that companies want their applications, Common buyers can feel happy with the implementation of Android applications.

Presentation by Tony Hirst and comments for the winning idea of ​​the TSO OpenUp competition. He is huge and ambitious and now has £ 50,000 in funding and Hirst has £ 1,000. Who says that there is no money in free data?

“Overall, Amazon Appstore is not a terrible experience, especially compared to the standard Android Marketplace, and I do not think it has a place on the market unless Amazon lowers deals with operators or phone manufacturers to group the store into factory devices. This is also the beginning of Amazon’s master plan to build its own Android tablet to distribute Kindle books and now, it seems, mobile applications. ”

“The problem with Android seems to be the Mountain View starvation funds, which means that Google’s management team could claim that it was positive cash, although it generates little direct income and lives largely from a source of thin ad revenue. “This dissociation of product revenue has led to a number of problems, including a fairly impressive number of infringing costs by companies and the open source community. Microsoft supports the non-negligible costs of its platforms; Google seems to spend those costs. ‘

“A proof of concept system for interaction with parking data intended for end users in Southampton, United Kingdom, accessible via telephone, SMS or internet.” The Southampton City Council offers electronic data for the public to use and see, for selected parking lots in the city. This data contains information about the capacity, the use of the space and the use of the available space during the day for each parking space. By collecting this data, two services can be created. Try it yourself; There is a phone number and everything.

Unique visitors worldwide to MySpace dropped with an astonishing 14.4% from 73 million visitors to 63 million visitors. It is about half of the audience they had a year ago. “Everyone knows that MySpace traffic is heading in the wrong direction, but the accelerated decline (and the large financial losses) are a serious problem.” The parent company News Corp is engaged in a sales process and all, from risk firms to private equity firms: “It’s like slowing down in the place of an accident,” says a person with knowledge of the discussions, “everyone wants to see how bad things are have turned out. ” became bad and worse

“This week we will only send the new update to Windows ‘open market’ phones around the world, if you have one of these phones, you probably already know: these are unbranded devices that have not been adapted for a specific mobile provider.” In the next phase of the implementation process we will start making the update available to a wider range of customers. When the update is available for your phone, you will receive a message on the device that notifies you. All instructions you need to install an update can be found here on the Windows Phone website. (With some new phones, the update is already installed).

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