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BlackBerry App World for Mobile Devices

By | December 4, 2017

RIM’s BlackBerry App World is not the only way to get mobile apps on your BlackBerry smartphone, but it’s one of the most convenient.


As the official BlackBerry store, there are certain advantages to using RIM’s App World. The programs are easy to find browsing by categories or searching, and only applications that are compatible with your phone model are displayed. You can view reviews and view screenshots before using an application; you can add your own 2 cents if you have installed the program in question.

Although RIM does not manage a return policy, developers have the option to publish trial versions so that they can evaluate a premium application before buying. At the moment, the only way to buy applications is through a PayPal account. We prefer more options, such as linking a credit card to the app store or using billing through the provider.

Apart from that, RIM received an important element. The My World tab in App World records your free purchases and downloads, which makes it easy to download the applications that you have deleted and reinstall all your applications if you change the phone model.

From BlackBerry Limited:

With BlackBerry App World, BlackBerry smartphone users can discover new applications, download free and trial apps, and buy apps with PayPal accounts. Browse and download a large number of applications designed for your BlackBerry smartphone in a convenient location. Download BlackBerry App World for free to charge your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networks, online shopping, personal productivity, organizational tools and other fun and functional applications. Personalize your BlackBerry smartphone with a variety of applications.
A PayPal account is required to download the applications using BlackBerry App World.

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