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Answer eight questions to make the perfect application

By | August 7, 2017

Mother of three girls Gwendi Elisa, who made a routine application, shares his tips for potential designers

Do you sleep like a baby? Not ours. As for our two year old son, he opposed all instructions, and not to mention sleeping routines. And our four year old son did not agree with everything that relates to the rest. I tried wall cards and stickers, scolding, even bribes, but nothing worked for our three children. So in the morning, after a sleepless night, I decided to make a bedtime routine application for children’s education: And so to bed.

We do not cover sugar – creating an application is a difficult task, especially if you have a limited budget. But he was determined to put an end to the struggle to sleep. Caffeine and an obsession with this app kept me on my leg. If you ask me if I would do it again, I would say yes, but if I had known what I know now things would have been easier.

Before cracking your application, ask:
What is the problem of solving my application?
Delete the purpose of the request for a single sentence. Does your community have the problem that is offering a solution? What price would they be willing to pay? Note that you are not only looking for a paid application for free, but a free application can then earn money with advertising purchases or application.

Which mobile platform is most suitable for my application?
The purpose and audience of your application will determine if you want an Apple or Android application.

Do I go over the test phase?
Do some planning for designing on the computer. In which each request screen on a new sheet of paper. Includes images, text, buttons (brands where they are directed) and other interactive areas.

Sketches due to the pages of your application are called wireframes. Everyone hangs on a wall to see the full request at a glance. Study these wireframes to determine if the structure of your application makes sense.

Make sure all screens appear uniforms, for example, is the menu button always in the same place? Make sure the navigation application, how to move from screen to screen, of course.

Get a number of potential users to test your wireframes to ensure that people understand how to communicate with your request, even if it’s a dummy paper. Once you are satisfied with the wireframes, you can start building a digital prototype using a tool like or In case of doubt, UXreviewer has design events in London free interface.

Am I depriving my community video?
Make sure people are enthusiastic about your application, build a landing page and make sure you get a lot of traffic. Collect the email addresses of users and let them know when you launch your application. Create a blog about your application or open a Vine account and publish short videos documenting your progress.


Share my developer’s vision?

Good developers and designers are hard to find. Scan your circles. You can get a lost friend a long time ago as I did when I was involved with multimedia artist Stefan Hollekamp, ​​a musician and programmer looking for a new creative project. Find local universities for a developer, or try Elance. This is the time when you are going to spend some money. Turn to crowdsourcing to help and perhaps present your idea on a crowdfuding site to raise money for your company.

I have to learn to let go?
We need to talk about the minimum viable product (MVP). Remember that the less perfect version of your application is still valuable to your audience. Do this MVP and give it to your first user. Let your comments affect your design further. You will eventually come up with a perfect product if you drop your early and late application often updated, according to feedback from your users.

I thought about the optimization of applications?

The way to present your application in the store, has been thought. Create a quality symbol, and screenshots that show functionality. App Store optimization ensures that your application is as high as possible for user searches, so your audience can be found. Brainstorm keywords that people can use when searching for your application, then check how much competition you have for each. There is a helpful blog accompanying this, including a spreadsheet calculating the best keywords.
Should I look for a bigger release?

Your application is ready. You can not wait to get there. Do not give up the opportunity to fight for the biggest launch – yet it stays fixed. Send the media a preview of your application before it is officially released. His chances of covering the press have now increased. And earn extra points if you are organizing an event for your release.

Gwendi Elisa is the founder of And so, for bed – an educational application for children bedtime routine

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