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Anonymous Proxy

By | April 3, 2018

So try to navigate on a site like myspace, hotmail or yahoo from work or school and it is blocked by your school, work or government. Or maybe you want to go somewhere without anyone knowing what you’re doing. The easiest way to do this is to use a web proxy. A proxy is another computer that looks like a mask that your computer creates when it connects to the Internet. It is also a private gateway for blocked sites, because the site you are scanning is actually hidden behind the proxy that has been unlocked. For example, if you go to a web proxy in London and browse the Internet, any other computer in the world thinks you are from London!

There are many free proxy websites that you can use. The problem is that many of the popular ones are also blocked by people in their school, company or government. However, once you find one that is not blocked, just go to the proxy site, enter the URL you want to explore and click Go. It’s that easy. You can then click on the links of the page you are viewing and remain anonymous in the outside world. Remember that if you go to a proxy and it is blocked or it no longer works, it is not a big deal, there are thousands of them. Just try another one and eventually you will find a web proxy that allows you to browse freely and privately.

“As a security person, my first natural instinct is to ask why someone should be anonymous if they do something legitimate,” he said. “I do not see use for anonymous proxy servers in business environments.”


Others say that certain types of research and safety tests make them a necessity and that they are completely safe when used responsibly.


In an effort to reach a consensus on this issue, CSOonline has questioned several industry professionals through the sites of telephone, email and networks like LinkedIn.


Surprisingly, the majority of respondents defended the use of anonymous proxy servers and offered a litany of examples of legitimate use. But everyone admits that they can be easily used for malicious purposes and that organizations must respond with proper security procedures.


“From a security point of view, hiding your real location behind a proxy is absolutely in the gray area of ​​surfing the web,” says Ed Ziots, a network engineer based in Rhode Island. “I use them to see the dubious content of semi-reliable systems, because I do not want the site to know the true origin of my communication when I investigate the latest exploits, exploitation codes or new and emerging trends in exploit research.”


But you can imagine a more sinister scenario in which the villain uses several anonymous servers so that the victims can not determine where their attack sequences come from.


Spies (or blockage) of competitors Anonymous proxy servers are often used to spy on competitors or block their efforts to do the same with another competitor, says Chris Kraft, vice president of product management for web security for security provider Sophos. .

“This is generally used for competitive purposes, where a website operator can identify the competitors’ IP range and prevent them from seeing the assets,” Kraft says. “It can be used to gather information about its competitors and competitors in turn can use anonymous proxies to block their activities.”




During his time as CISO of a Fortune 100 company, security advisor Larry Glassman received a request from the sales and marketing department to set up an anonymous proxy server so that the marketing department could conduct a competitive market analysis against a competitor. in space.


“This was a reaction to the fact that the competitor blocked access to the IP block that was registered on the company’s Internet on the website,” says Glassman. “I oppose Walmart, Sam’s Club or Warehouse Club VP running through Costcos through the country to compare their products and services with [another] direct competitor in space.”


A lifeline for foreigners Richard Childers, IT security manager at Canadian Blood Services in Ottawa, Canada, says that anonymous proxy servers are generally used in a business context to control outbound Internet traffic and are often combined with caching capabilities to make better use of of bandwidth But you also justified its use in parts of the world where freedom of expression is suppressed.


“Although I believe that most anonymous proxy servers are used to hide who has access to socially unacceptable websites (pornography, etc.), some of them have a political value because it makes it difficult for repressive governments to identify the people who access to information sites is officially prohibited, “he says.

Dan Kaminsky, director of penetration tests at IOActive and discoverer of the very published DNS problem this summer, says that there is an even simpler explanation for the use of the anonymous proxy in other countries: many people just want internet access.

“It’s easy for us in the United States to suggest that this is not ethical, but we take internet access as a matter of course,” he says. “Without proxies, some countries do not have real internet access.”

Explore the traffic coming from a typical proxy and you will certainly notice that it all comes from a child abroad who just wants to see something on YouTube or send an e-mail to his friends, Kaminsky says.

For those who say that anonymous proxies are used for malicious purposes, Kaminsky says: “The real black hats use botnets and are divided into desks, they do not come in boxes with proxy servers.”

Out of black, in gray Ultimately, security experts say that anonymous proxy servers are just like any other technological tool: there are ways to use it for good and ways to use it for evil.

Baba Akinjayeju, the technical security architect at Atos Origin in the United Kingdom, says that anonymous representatives are becoming increasingly popular because people want to keep an element of anonymity and freedom, for which the internet is known.

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