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All iPhone generations in hindsight: incremental changes

By | July 3, 2017

dealsAnother year, another iPhone, now in the sixth generation, 9 and 10 if it really counts models. But how much has changed between them? Everything Apple Pro doing a quick comparison and does not show much, at least when the iPhone models with their immediate predecessors compare.

The smartphone life cycles seem so often to foster a new model. And while Apple every year announces a new iPhone, it seems that it is a more conservative view. It’s not just the latest version of iOS available for one or two generations of older devices, but the changes between those devices are quite gradual, so you can keep them as long as possible, or at least iOS is compatible with that model.
From all generations of iPhone iPhone 2G to 6 and 6 Plus revealed some nice surprises. It is clear that the raw numbers and specifications are not everything, since the last 5S gene defeat only slightly. There is no established pattern and the iPhone 3G managed to make the iPhone 4. The reason is that the iPhone 4 iOS 7 got even if it is in enough theoreie to deal with the old smart phone. But even the new generations of the iPhone have more programs to load at boot, even if they have more robust hardware. The older models do not care much, so it creates some measure a self-balancing ring system.
Referral term and web load tests, of course, show the power of newer devices, but even then the direction of successive generations is not always clear. Of course, if you skip a few generations, you will no doubt see exponential improvements through hardware upgrades. However, compared to its contemporaries in the Android world, iPhones sometimes seem a bit of little power, but misleading.
Apple can afford to pull apparently on hardware and newer, as it can exert tighter control of the entire ecosystem. In practice this means that the company can optimize the hell out of the software to the maximum and extract all the juices from the hardware. And that can also fulfill that line of thought in third-party developers. What it means for consumers is that there is an urgent need to jump to the iphone generations next generation of iPhone and you can skip one or two, as long as you can afford it, or time that is supported by the latest iOS. That is, of course, unless you really need the last feature or you have money to spare.

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