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All About Mobile Applications, What Are Mobile Applications?

By | February 13, 2017

applestockMobile applications are applications or services that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile device, rather than within a browser, which helps to meet personal or business needs for the user, be undermined. The application can pull content and data from the Internet in the same way to a website, or it can download the content, so it can be accessed without an Internet connection, a mobile application, a mobile web bookmark utility, a mobile-based instant messaging client, Gmail for mobile, and many other applications.

The demographic characteristics of small business push the limits when it comes to the adoption of mobile technology. The fact is that they are actually doing so, the last ten years.

Corporate Mobile App Strategy Survey, published by, found that 78 percent of large companies with 500 or more employees had a desire to buy applications. Of these, 90.2 percent of the plan to buy mobile solutions for employee use, while 43.9 percent wanted applications for customers. The survey, which includes responses from companies with fewer than 500 employees, found that 22 percent buy applications for contractors.

And, nearly 40 percent of small business owners are using five mobile applications to run their businesses, according to a study being conducted by J2 Global.

The number of mobile enterprise applications – some based on the cloud, which runs on the device – is proliferation. We can expect that many more are being developed as a result of the new HTML 5 standard, said David Bradshaw, research manager at IDC. HTML 5 allows you to develop applications simultaneously for different mobile platforms, so a company that chooses to deploy a sales application. There are also a growing number of applications designed specifically for mobile use. This can be very general or aimed at specific sectors.

Benefits for the Mobile Applications business:

As mobile phones and personal tablets are now an integral part of working life, how can companies put their business profit? Many organizations began with care, as employees have access to company email and calendar applications from their mobile devices. This can also save time and money.

The advantage of an enterprise application store is that you can properly configure function applications before downloading them, and to create blacklists and white lists of applications for users. It consists of a single starting point for managing the supply and closing of applications and the implementation of security policies.

However, most companies that allow users to choose their own mobile applications, because users understand better than the IT function to their own needs. Whichever approach is chosen, it is entering the extremely important security still to protect corporate data by adopting an effective mobile device management solution.

Mobile applications are very popular among business owners and their customers. With the current market are mobile, applications to help keep pace:


Benefits for companies – Applications:

• build relationships

• Build loyalty

• Strengthen your brand

• Increase your visibility

• Increase accessibility

• Solving the problem of getting caught up in spam folders

• Increase in direct sales

• to increase exposure on mobile devices

• Connecting to move with the consumer

• Generate Repeat Business

• Provide tools that are driving the ‘New Economy Application ”

• Improve your social networking strategies

The examination of the status of mobility in 2012, Symantec has unveiled an acceptance of mobile applications in enterprises throughout the world.

Commissioned by Symantec, Applied Research spoke with 6,275 organizations in 43 countries.

The study highlights an expansion of both customization and personalization of mobile software for business purposes by the board – 71 percent of companies indicating that at least the current discussions on how to apply customized mobile can help your business, “Shopping” for employees to download authorized corporation and related applications.

In terms of an improvement in business practices and increased efficiency, according to the survey, 73 percent of small and large companies have both a positive result enjoyed by the introduction of mobile technology.

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