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It is always fascinated me the potency of the smallest seed.
It seems that we take for granted, but let me remind you that a redwood (the largest living thing on earth) tree grows to hundreds of meters high, and begins with a tiny seed.

I still remember, as you likely in the first year planting seeds in a Dixie cup and watching the miracle of growth and change.

How the miracle of something coming to life of a lost dead and lifeless?
Our role is simply too small and consistent actions to take nourish the seed.
We believe that creativity and innovation are the engine of our society and democratization is inevitable and desirable, so constantly new ways of looking at the world and to solve problems. Picking up a multicultural creative community, Idea Hunting is a service created and promoted by Smalltpodea Ltd., the first company that specializes in account planning company in Portugal, whose main objective is to generate and implement innovation.

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