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A bad hotel and five things you should know that all iOS developers

By | July 25, 2017

Bad Hotel is a great name for a smartphone game. Short, funny, intriguing – even before you’ve seen a screenshot, interested, But as the amount of positive reviews and suggests a healthy review Meteoritische, this is not all that the game has to offer: it is an entertaining mix of tower defense and compulsive puzzle and musical toys; An elegant, eccentric trusting treat. So success was inevitable right?

Wrong. Because everyone involved in smartphone development knows how to play, apps stores for iOS and Android overbelastige mega zones, full of thousands of games, many of them terribly, many great, but anyway store shelf digital. For your game to be realized is the fundamental challenge for any iOS developer.
Last month, wrote Yann Seznec, the founder of the lucky frame and co-creator of Bad Hotel, a fascinating post about the first month of the game for sale. He referred to decisions that have paid errors, statistics, inability to understand the App Store ranking system and other factors play a role in the release and success of the game. It was a fascinating read.

So I asked Yann to condense everything into five key elements that should be considered any smartphone game developer to launch a new title. And here is where he came back:

Press and media coverage is a long-term thing
“Very positive reception that bad hotel was not just the result of a great game (of course!) – There are many great games that do not cover as well, but we were very fortunate to pay attention to us. , We get in touch with bloggers and journalists. We try to keep people in the loop as much as possible, to tell everyone about our new game, both with teasers and concrete information. ”
The traditional release date Thursday is overrated.

“We’ve gotten a little more attention than we probably would have, and it helped us Thursday night to get some momentum when Apple updates its properties.”

Features are important

“This is not a new idea, but of course, but on the first page of the App Store has helped to significantly increase sales. We did not have a” big function “(like the choice of publisher or similar), but even a Little overweight visibility helped tremendously. When we stopped to characterize ourselves, our income reduced accordingly, not surprising there.

A company as a lucky frame is too small to be on the iOS Apple radar. The (or just success) larger companies contact Apple and iOS develop a relationship with them, but it seems they have to prove themselves first. I think they were marked for we had managed to create a very loud buzz for the first two days of the low, which led to the all-important night on Thursday, when the tables are updated in the store.


So we had enough success for a small part of Apple, but not big enough to get directly through Apple and presented in an important way. Your little steps! ”

The competition near the top is very fierce
“At a time when we were ranked 100 for all applications in the world – but that meant selling around 1,000 copies in one day (maybe a bit more) for $ 0.99 application that means revenue. About $ 700 per day … we are a company of three people, which in our case represents approximately breakeven (if held for a month). Our calculations, however, show that we are in the percentile 99.99 sales application, which shows once more that the vast majority of developers are not sustainable sales applications.

The layout of the App Store system is very difficult to manage
“I totally support giving users the ability to review the applications on the iTunes store, even negatively. Pro the current system is strangely closed – we have no way to respond publicly or privately to reviews, so if someone gives us a one-star rating because “it does not work on my phone,” we can not help them and get function.


A change, others see that comment and maybe not our application’s a purchase there is a strange culture of the Reviews in the App Store, where people have some characteristic arbitraries. ‘I love this game, but I would like you to change a thing. One star for now, I’ll change this to five star when you modify that.'”

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