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7 Great Blog Apps for Bloggers With an iOS Device

By | November 9, 2017

Blogging today is one of those things that have a big trend in the market. If you look good, you’ll see that many bloggers are coming up almost everywhere! Being successful in this blog sector is another story. Being creative is of course the most important condition, but if you do not have an effective blog application with you, even if you have the ability to write, your publication or blog may not get the attention it deserves. Nowadays, you do not need a laptop or desktop to write your blogs. Here is a list of some incredible and effective blogging applications that can give you an impeccable and fun blog experience on your iPad or iPhone.


# 1 BlogPress
If you are looking for a great and easy-to-use blog experience, BlogPress is the right choice for you. With the help of the text editor that is included with BlogPress, the customization of the written article or its correcting is definitely more fluid. Editing an image according to your preferences is easier using the integrated image editor with this blog application. What’s even more interesting is sharing your favorite posts on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube and sharing with followers and friends becomes easy. Some of the other prominent features of BlogPress are the following.
1. Personalization of the signature.
2. Efficient management of comments.
3. Easy upload of videos, anchor texts, files, hyperlinks, etc.
4. It is compatible with MSN Live Space, Blogger, WordPress.


#2 Weebly

If you’ve installed Weebly on your iPad or iPhone, it’s no longer a problem to design a website, store, or blog on the Apple device. Therefore, this application is not just a blog application, but also a tool for making easy-to-use websites. This application offers the ability to choose the most appropriate text and design elements from the various available options. You can also load different images directly from the reel of the camera when used. Other attractive benefits of using Weebly are the following.
1. Weebly’s desktop offers several responsive themes that simplify the customization of your website.
2. You can easily publish views using the blog publishing editor integrated with this application.
3. Respond and respond softer so that you stay connected to the people who follow your posts.
4. You can check the website activity in the real-time format using the panel of the website.
5. Saving orders, checking your site traffic, and checking other crucial stats becomes easier.


# 3 BlogTouch Pro
If you want to publish a new blog post or edit an existing message along with comment management, BlogTouch Pro makes your homework effortless. According to your preference, you can change the color of the text, the size, the style. In summary, this blog application will help you improve the quality of your article. One of BlogTouch Pro’s most intriguing features is that you do not have to postpone your work if you do not have access to the Internet at any time. Work whenever you want, even if you’re offline and publish it later if you have access to the internet.


# 4 Squarespace blog
For iOS devices, Sqaurespace Blog is a highly efficient blogging application. Creating or editing a blog post is significantly simpler using the Reduction function or LayoutEngine. Plus, with this powerful blog application, you can easily create links, create texts, apply the desired design, and add photos without much headache. Even more interesting, you can manage the comments in your blog posts. For example, if you do not like a particular comment, you can mark it immediately as an unwanted email. Another important installation of Squarespace Blog is that you can quickly make a change between more than one website and one blog.


# 5 Blogo
By offering extremely convenient features and an intuitive and impressive user interface, Blogo is very popular among bloggers who use iOS devices. This blog application is so efficient that it can provide the best possible result for a blogger, who is a beginner. The completion of a task is quick using this application because it provides a handful of shortcuts to perform several vital actions.

One of the most impeccable facilities of Blogo is that you can also work offline in your blog or article. The Pro version of this blog application is compatible with With this Pro version, you can manage more than one blog at the same time. In addition, the Blogo Preferences Panel helps you follow the workflow.


# 6 Tumblr
To make your blog experience fun and fun, you can use Tumblr, which is popular in today’s market. Tumblr has a great community in which you can not only share the experience, but also learn many new techniques on how to make blog posts more interesting and attractive. Videos, photos, articles, interesting quotes: anything you want, you can publish instantly on Tumblr. Because sharing messages is very easy in this application platform, communication with other bloggers is very useful here.


#7 Notegraphy

Notegraphy offers almost 40 different templates. With one of these, you can show your most attractive and attractive blogs or publications. This blog application will not disappoint you if you are looking for a fun blog experience. Another attractive feature is that you can easily create a gallery with all your articles and notes. In addition, you can easily share all these messages on different social media platforms. Connecting and communicating with other bloggers is very easy with Notegraphy.

In addition to all the previous blog applications, there are WordPress, Cube, Posterous, etc.


Some other popular blog applications that work efficiently on different iOS devices.

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