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10 major challenges that every Android application programmer faces

By | August 24, 2017

Develop applications for Android offers a selection of developers, and the right to use for a growing customer podium for the holder of the application. However, Android developers have problems in the development process. As everyone knows, there is a huge demand for mobile application development, especially for the Android platform.


Therefore, daily applications for the development of mobile applications are gaining a growing demand for Android application development. In addition, in order to maintain their convictions, Android application developers have to work hard and they need to provide a program to their customers. Developing an Android app, however, is never as easy as it sounds.

Even like any other software development activity, even the development of mobile applications has its own place of problems and challenges. Few get in the way without warning, while some obstacles are known. The Android stage offers huge opportunities for Android application developers if they understand the limitation and the problem and are ready to face the challenges that are in their way.


Let’s take a look at some of the specific issues facing all Android app developers:
Hardware disintegration: Different versions of the Android operating system are available on different devices. Timely updates change the version of the Android operating system running on the device. Each device has several functions with a keyboard in keyboard shapes, screen size, controls, etc, making it an extraordinary development. For example, almost all application developers are difficult to focus on the latest versions, leaving developers to leave their prospects using the adult versions.

Development of the innovative application: There is great antagonism in the mobile application market and frankly, it is very packed. Therefore, there is immutable pressure to make applications noticeable. After all, you will not want to get lost.
Mobile Device Statement: Each Android device has its individual characteristics in the rules for displaying screen size and resolutions. Therefore, according to its resolution, the development of an application is hard for developers, developing an application that works well on all existing Android devices makes it economically heavier and heavier in terms of load.

As for the user: To stay alive in the constantly evolving mobile applications market, one has to be pioneering and imaginative. It is very important that mobile application developers join with the consumer / user. In addition, they often have to take their critical issues and solution in the original to create a response relationship with users. Categorizing to make sure end users are happy with mobile app developers should be more available.


Sanctuary Issues: Due to the breakdown of hardware and software, it is likely to further strengthen the application, making things not as good as the different conventional release base for the software. The disintegration in Android complicates the appearance of corrections, the reason why many campaigns remain sensitive. It is firm to keep the clientele happy and to maintain the conviction while the problem of the lingo sanctuary is unchangeable fast.


Lack of official documentation: Apple’s decline is remarkable for the difference, while no such supremacy is available in the Android application. The main reason is excellent for the detail of the need for superiority, ensuring that the regulation is at the same time as the application tax in the Google Store.


Disintegration Software: There are many versions of the Android operating system in exchange. This means that developers can not limit themselves to marking most new versions of the operating system; not everyone has updated. It is not easy for users to improve their operating systems, and the carriers have little incentive to do so.
Use of third party APIs: Third-party API is a dependent device and limits the procedure of applications through special devices. Platform IDE and SDK platforms restrict Android developers to use unique APIs for different device versions.


Google Correct Deficiencies: Google deliberately has liberal behavior regarding the Android OS. Open Source Code offers a low fence for accessing application developers, which can be an approval and a hassle. A group of developers would like to see the Google Police Improved Network, maintaining precise rules and an application evaluation process. If Android provides the automated UI strategy like Apple, then enhanced applications will be available accordingly.

Market Research Cost: Considered as the ending phase for users is a key to Android application development, but can involve a lot of research and assembly, it is expensive for developers. For a mobile application to overcome widespread marketing is an important aspect. Applying an application efficiently can be a completely different challenge for developers because they need to check the role of developers to sellers.

Achieving customer satisfaction is a challenging task in this competitive mobile application market and quickly changes technology and hardware. Therefore, Android app developers need to focus on continuous improvement of their development skills.

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